LendingTree Review

In a Nutshell

LendingTree offers all that you could need in your home loan search; a scope of credit choices, different advance sorts and great administration


  • Check your FICO rating and how it influences your credit offers
  • One structure and data is sent to numerous banks
  • Get advance ideas inside minutes


  • High number of telephone calls and messages
  • Managing a ton of moneylenders competing for your business
  • Rates just appeared in the wake of entering your Social Security number

LendingTree at a Glance

Loan TypesPurchase, refinance, home equity, reverse
Featured LoansFHA, USDA, VA, jumbo, conventional
Repayment Terms10-,15-, 20-, 30- years fixed-rate, 5/1, 7/1 ARM
Down Payment0%-20% minimums based on loan type
Credit Score500+
Best ForHELOC with low closing costs


LendingTree is an online commercial center associating borrowers to an expansive system of moneylenders, and has helped more than 55 million advance solicitations since it was established in 1998. Its site is anything but difficult to explore, and its FICO assessment capacity is first rate. When you meet all requirements for a credit, you can see the offer promptly and see extra subtleties to enable you to settle on a choice. You should enter a Social Security number to view credit offers, and the normal rates are not accessible on the site, which may not be perfect for each potential borrower.

Who Is LendingTree Best for?

LendingTree offers extraordinary arrangements by giving purchasers a few ideas from different loan specialists in merely minutes and is perfect for:

  • Occupied borrowers who need to see a few advance choices initially
  • Borrowers with poor credit or unusual pay searching for adaptable loan specialists
  • HELOC, where you are paid out as required from your home value

Since there are several moneylenders going after your business, LendingTree can give an exclusively custom-made choice of offers to look over dependent on your particular criteria. Moreover, LendingTree gives you a chance to think about various credit terms next to each other so as to locate the best month to month rate.

LendingTree Highlights:

  • No client expense
  • Free credit scoring
  • One structure sent to numerous moneylenders
  • System of more than 350 moneylenders
  • Simple to-utilize site
  • Conceivable credit offer inside minutes
  • Simple to discover offer subtleties

The Application Process

The whole application procedure should take roughly 10 minutes. Go to LendingTree’s landing page, select the kind of credit you need, and complete an online solicitation. On the off chance that you need assistance, search for the calculators, a home valuation instrument, and tips to help you en route. You can likewise contact LendingTree Customer Care by telephone with inquiries.

Realizing your FICO rating is the initial phase in verifying an advance. LendingTree enables you to check your FICO rating for nothing and discloses to you how it will influence your capacity to verify a credit. As an advance representative, LendingTree is a practical alternative for borrowers with an immense range of financial assessments. Since the organization is banded together with a wide range of loan specialists, you may have a superior shot of discovering one that works with people that have terrible, or even restricted, credit.

Kinds of Loans

  • Fixed-rate contracts
  • Flexible rate contracts
  • Graduated house buybacks
  • Home value advances and HELOC
  • Gigantic advances
  • FHA advances
  • VA advances
  • HARP advances

Close to presenting an application, you’ll get advance ideas from a few unique banks. In case you’re not actually sure where your credit stands or what sort of offers to expect, this will enable you to swim through loads of choices and get a thought of what advance terms you could be accepting. When you see how LendingTree functions, you can assess the statements you’ll get  in the My LendingTree gateway to locate the best idea for you.


A few clients whine about the enormous number of telephone calls and messages they’ve gotten from banks very quickly in the wake of rounding out the structure. Since LendingTree passes your data to banks, there’s no genuine method to restrict this contact. You are consenting to it when you choose to apply for a home loan advance.

In the event that you would prefer not to manage numerous moneylenders competing for your business, a merchant like LendingTree probably won’t be an extraordinary decision for you. In spite of the fact that LendingTree enables you to think about various ideas one after another, this might overpower for a few.

Rates and Terms — The Bare Basics

Many loan specialists vieing for your business enables you to pick your terms, in light of explicit criteria. You choose the sum you need to put down, an APR, and reimbursement term, and LendingTree sends you offers.

Terms are not set by LendingTree, however by individual loan specialists dependent on your criteria.

Reimbursement Terms

Since LendingTree’s system comprises of in excess of 350 accomplices, there are an abundance of fixed and customizable terms accessible. The most widely recognized offers you can hope to discover are for:

  • 15-year fixed
  • 30-year fixed
  • 5/1 ARM
  • 30-year 5/1 ARM

The best part is that you can undoubtedly contrast the various terms with perceive how they would affect your month to month rate, lifetime venture, and different elements.

Help and Support

LendingTree offers number crunchers and tips to help you through the application procedure. You can likewise contact LendingTree Customer Care at 1-888-555-8733 with inquiries.

LendingTree FAQ

Q: Where would i be able to discover my advance offers?

An: As a feature of your statement recovery, you’ll be pursued LendingTree’s My LendingTree entrance. In the online gateway, you’ll discover singular banks advance ideas there, regularly in just minutes. As the statements are added to your record, you’ll get a warning.

Q: What are LendingTree’s end costs?

A: LendingTree does not charge you any expenses. Each moneylender sets its own charge structure in regards to shutting costs and the last expenses are resolved among you and your finished loan specialists.

Q: Can I email, mail or fax in my LendingTree application?

A: With a solid pledge to speed and precision, LendingTree does not acknowledge any applications outside of it’s online structure or telephone line. This diminishes the probability of mistakes and pointless expenses and postponements.

Q: What in the event that I have awful credit?

A: Bad credit isn’t an impediment to owning a home with LendingTree. Since it has a scope of moneylenders, borrowers with poor acknowledge will be coordinated for advance suppliers who are glad to think about your application.


On the off chance that you need to become familiar with your financial assessment and begin perusing loan specialists in an instinctive, easy to understand design, LendingTree is a good decision. While the quantity of accessible advance offers is shockingly constrained for a loan specialist system of this size, they accompany extremely focused APR and financing costs

Physical Address

LendingTree, LLC

11115 Rushmore Drive

Charlotte, NC 28277


Quicken Loans



Stimulate offers an enormous scope of home loan and renegotiating credits, including graduated house buybacks, master VA and USDA contracts, renegotiating choices, and an interesting YOURgage alternative. Enliven vows to utilize forefront innovation to direct borrowers to the best credit item and complete the advance endorsement process rapidly. Animate stands out for offering home value advances for pretty much every conceivable situation with the goal that you can locate an appropriate home financing bundle expediently, whatever your needs.

Some Quicken Loans features include:

  • Acquire up to $3 million
  • 5-or 7-year ARM or 15-or 30-year fixed-rate credits
  • Wide scope of credit alternatives
  • Advances for explicit circumstances like low-credit, low value renegotiating, and exceptionally huge advances

Who Is Quicken Loans Best For?

Enliven Loans is best for nearly anybody, on account of the huge scope of advance alternatives. It’s particularly simple to look at among the choices that Quicken Loans can offer you.


  • First time purchasers will profit by FHA contracts with lower acknowledge prerequisites along for Quicken’s broad instructive aides for new purchasers
  • Property holders searching for renegotiating with low or no value in their ebb and flow home can discover direction from online assets and utilize the HARP renegotiating choice

Highlighted Loans

Revive’s fixed-rate credits incorporate a FHA fixed-rate advance for first-time purchasers with under 20% initial installments. There’s likewise a conventional 15-or 30-year fixed-rate credit that requires a base up front installment of 3% and a Jumbo advance that is explicitly custom fitted to borrowers requiring advances of over $453,101 up to a limit of $3 million. Animate’s Jumbo, fixed-rate, and ARM credits are for the most part accessible on uncommon VA advance terms to qualified veterans as well.

Adaptable credit alternatives include:

  • FHA contract
  • Streamlined renegotiating
  • The YOURgage contract, which enables borrowers to pick their term somewhere in the range of 8 and 30 years with fixed rates and at least 3% initial installment
  • Adaptable advances including 5 or multi year ARM or renegotiating
  • FHA, VA, and Jumbo advances for explicit circumstances
  • Adaptable YOURgage advance offers fixed rates with your decision of term length
  • Home buyback for retirees

Bank Features

Animate presents a nearly baffling exhibit of supportive apparatuses. Luckily, there are likewise a lot of tables and home loan number crunchers to enable borrowers to distinguish the best credit. The majority of Quicken’s advances grant month to month, fortnightly, and programmed credit installments to enable you to keep over your spending limit.

  • Quick online application process
  • Instructive assets and adding machines to enable you to settle on the best decision

Rocket Mortgage



Rocket Mortgage is completely intended for computerized locals with a progressed and smooth credit stage that keeps the whole procedure on the web and on cell phones. There are a lot of home loan alternatives and rates are always refreshed to keep borrowers over the subtleties. The site plan and applications are smooth and simple to use with phenomenal client administration and mechanization to accelerate the credit procedure.

Rocket home loan features include:

  • Point by point and customized credit rates data
  • Quick stage always refreshed progressively
  • Government-supported credits for veterans, first-time purchasers, and borrowers with little initial installments
  • 5-or 7-year ARM and 15-or 30-year fixed-rate contracts

Who Is Rocket Mortgage Best For?

Rocket Mortgage is run totally online with the majority of the data gave on the site or versatile applications, making it most appropriate to computerized locals who are accustomed to running all parts of their lives from their cell phones. The many home loan choices make it appropriate for borrowers with little up front installments and lower FICO ratings. Clients who incline toward adaptability will lean toward the variable ARM contract while the conventional fixed-rate home loans give unwavering quality and assurance to any individual who likes to design their financial limit ahead of time.

Advance Features

Rocket Mortgage has an assortment of advance highlights.

  • VA loans: Veterans are presented with government-sponsored VA credits which aren’t constantly accessible from online moneylenders
  • FHA loans: First-time purchasers with a low FICO assessment or less money for an up front installment can get financing to buy a home or renegotiate for any reason. Rocket Mortgage’s FHA advances require an initial installment as low as 3%.
  • Simple online arrangement: Rocket Mortgage’s direct format causes borrowers to effectively analyze up front installments, APR rates, and all out regularly scheduled installments on various financing choices. You can likewise change your up front installment online to perceive what effect it will have on your last regularly scheduled installments
  • Straightforward correlation: Easily think about the home loan credit choices

The Application Process

When applying for a credit by means of Rocket Mortgage:

  • Make a record which takes around 5 seconds.
  • Complete the guided online survey. It’s extremely basic and clear with help en route, and will incorporate your money related and individual data
  • Get your statements. You can alter them by changing your initial installment, regularly scheduled installments, or advance term until you’re content with the financing alternative before you.
  • Snap the catch to demand endorsement on the web.
  • Return and sign in again the following day or consistently for whatever length of time that you’d like to keep an eye on the evolving rates, at that point just click the catch to secure rates once you’re glad.
  • E-sign the majority of the significant desk work on the web and shutting can happen where and when you need it.



J.G. Wentworth Review

In a Nutshell

J.G. Wentworth offers home loans and home renegotiating credits for clients hoping to buy another home or merge their current home loan installments into ideal rates and terms.

  • Variety of loan and term options
  • Federally-backed programs
  • Simple online application process
  • Information on rates and terms difficult to find on website
  • No live chat support for inquiries
  • Only has 14 physical locations

J.G. Wentworth at a Glance

Loan Types

Purchase, Refinance

Featured Loans

Jumbo, VA, FHA, Home Improvement, HARP

Repayment Terms

10, 20, 30 years

Down Payment


Credit Score


Best For

Homebuyers looking for choice and convenience


Established over 25 years back, J.G. Wentworth started its reality as a vendor bank having some expertise in organized settlements and prepaid charge cards. In 2015, it added home loans to its portfolio. Today, J.G. Wentworth offers a wide scope of home loans and renegotiating arrangements, issuing more than $3 billion in home advances credits each year to clients around the United States and is positioned #1 for consumer loyalty on Lending Tree.

Who Is J.G Wentworth Best For?

J.G. Wentworth is a top home loan bank for home purchasers and property holders who need their moneylender to offer them decision and comfort. The decision originates from the many credit types on offer, including:

  • Fixed and flexible rate standard mortgages
  • Government-supported credits
  • Renegotiating

The comfort originates from having the option to apply for a home loan on the web, via telephone, or face to face. Though most moneylenders offer a decision of either, J.G. Wentworth offers simple online applications and keeps up a physical nearness in 15 states.

Sorts of Loans

As referenced above, J.G. Wentworth offers a huge scope of home loan items, including:

  • Fixed-rate mortgages: Conventional home advance with a fixed rate that stays at a similar level for the length of the credit. Least credit of 620. Least initial installment of 20%. Terms of 15, 20 or 30 years.
  • Customizable rate contracts (ARMs): Conventional home credit with a fixed financing cost for an initial period, at that point a variable rate for the rest of the lifetime of the advance. Least credit of 620. Least up front installment of 20%. Early on times of 3, 5, or 7 years.
  • Kind sized loans: Home advance for property whose cost is higher than the most extreme secured by a standard fixed-rate home loan or ARM. Credit not determined, albeit most loan specialists require at any rate 700. Least up front installment of 20%. Same terms apply with respect to customary home loans.
  • VA loans: Government-sponsored credits for dynamic and previous individuals from the Military, National Guard, and Reserve, and enduring life partners who meet qualifying rules. Borrowers with lower-than-normal credit acknowledged. Low financing costs, zero up front installment, no PMI, low shutting expenses.

J.G. Wentworth Pre-Qualification

Getting pre-qualified before you apply for a home loan with J.G. Wentworth can give you a thought the amount you can acquire. It additionally surrenders you a leg when putting an idea on the house you’d like to purchase – the proprietors will comprehend they can depend on you to have the subsidizing for their property. To pre-qualify, you will survey your money related data with one of the advance pros. In light of that data, J.G. Wentworth will give you a gauge of the amount you can obtain.

When you’re prepared to make an idea on a home, a pre-endorsement can surrender you a leg, indicating proprietors that you are a genuine possibility for their property. Dissimilar to pre-capability, pre-endorsement requires a formal application and a hard credit check.

The Application Process

Home purchasers can apply for a home loan on the web, via telephone, or in physical areas in certain states. The online application separates things to the minimum necessities, with least documentation and a moderately brisk turnaround contrasted with the normal home loan moneylender. Be that as it may, J.G. Wentworth makes no guarantees with respect to how rapidly it can close individual advance applications. Candidates may experience the whole procedure on the web, from getting a statement through to conclusive e-mark, or address a credit specialist whenever by means of J.G’s. without toll number.

To apply online for a typical mortgage, pursue these means:

1) Click “Get My Rate”

Fill in essential data, including: postal division; sort of home; how you expect to utilize the property (essential home, excursion, or rental); price tag and planned up front installment; military history, assuming any; and assessed FICO assessment. On the last screen, you’ll see a rundown of pre-qualified APRs for fixed-rate credits and ARMs. Select your favored advance offer, at that point enter your contact subtleties to have an advance specialist call you or hit “Apply Online Now” to proceed with the procedure on the web.

2) Create a username and secret phrase

You’ll be approached to enter the accompanying data: advance profile, including advance reason and property data; insights regarding yourself, your wards, and current living arrangement; a budgetary resource breakdown; and an agenda of pay sources. At last, you’ll be approached to approve your accommodation.

3) Submit your archives

Not long after entering the above data, you’ll get a rundown of archives to give to J.G. Wentworth, including verification of ID and address, Social Security number, payslips, and tax documents. You may transfer these on the web or via mail or fax.

4) Get affirmed

A J.G. Wentworth advance specialist will audit your advance application and run a credit check. Inside half a month, you should see whether your home loan has been endorsed and be given a breakdown of definite rate and shutting costs.

5) Close your advance

Affirmed borrowers may e-sign the end reports.

Upsides and downsides

J.G. Wentworth’s quality lies in its wide scope of advance items, with choices for each sort of home purchaser: from low-salary borrowers to individuals purchasing costly homes; from regular citizens to dynamic military work force; from purchasers in the city to purchasers in provincial regions.

In spite of the fact that J.G. offers moderate rates, it doesn’t publicize any of these on its site. To discover what rate you can pre-fit the bill for, you’ll have to give your contact subtleties and offer some essential data about yourself.

Rates and Fees

The accompanying table shows how J.G. Wentworth piles up to a portion of the nation’s best banks. Rates were sourced around the same time, utilizing the case of a home in Chicago, Illinois, with an estimation of $250,000, 20% initial installment, and great credit (580-619). The figures are appeared by “intrigue/APR.”

 Financing costs
30-Year Fixed4.875%-4.91%
15-Year Fixed4.250%-4.309%
5-Year ARM4.875%-5.052%

Shutting Costs

As indicated by J.G. Wentworth, shutting charges are as a rule around 3% of the estimation of the advance. The market normal for shutting costs ranges from 2%-5%.

Reimbursement Terms

All fixed-rate contributions, including FHA and VA advances, have reimbursement terms of 15, 20, or 30 years. For ARMs, clients can look over initial times of 3, 5, or 7 years, after which the rate is changed on a yearly premise as indicated by economic situations. Governmentally supported projects, for example, the FHA and HARP have one of a kind terms, which J.G. Wentworth discloses to clients who are qualified to choose those courses.

Help and Support

You can contact J.G. Wentworth’s advance authorities and operators by means of the accompanying channels:

  • Phone: toll number open during expanded business hours. You can likewise demand a call utilizing an online structure on J.G’s. site.
  • Branch: J.G. Wentworth has physical areas in the accompanying states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

How J.G. Wentworth Compares

J.G. Wentworth

 J.G. WentworthQuicken LoansMagnolia Bank
Min. Credit Score520+620+620+, 740 suggested
Min. Down Payment0%3.5%N/A
DTI Ratio45%50%55%
FeesNo shrouded expenses or focusesStore charge: $400-$750Moment shutting cost gauge
Terms15, 20, 30 years5,7, 15, 30 years15, 20, 25, 30 years
Best forNumerous decisions and helpful acquiringOnline government creditsBroker free contracts that set aside you cash

J.G. Wentworth’s base FICO rating expands its items to incorporate advances for individuals with not exactly impeccable credit, and they are forthright pretty much all expenses. In case you’re essentially searching for the most reduced rate, QuickenLoans, as of this composition, is the top choice. Magnolia Bank allows the most noteworthy obligation to pay proportion, a full 10% more than J.G. Wentworth, which can enable you to fit the bill for a home loan regardless of whether you have charge card or student credit obligation.

Looking at J.G. Wentworth to a portion of it’s top challenge, there are clearly a ton of good decisions. J.G Wentworth is the most settled name of these contenders, and offers a gigantic scope of choices alongside the comfort of web based getting and client administration.

J.G. Wentworth FAQ

Where does J.G. Wentworth rank among home loan moneylenders?

It was one of 6 home loan moneylenders enlisted into the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame in 2019 for remarkable proficiency. It is positioned top 10 for consumer loyalty by LendingTree, an internet loaning commercial center.

What are a portion of the free instruments and assets offered by J.G. Wentworth?

It offers a scope of valuable devices to do things, for example, compute regularly scheduled installments, look at the advantages of leasing versus purchasing, and comprehend your buying power.

Notwithstanding home advances, what different items does J.G. offer?

It likewise spends significant time in organized settlements, annuity obtaining, and prepaid cards.

Is J.G. Wentworth dynamic in any network causes?

In addition to other things, J.G. Wentworth supports Homes for our Troops, a non-benefit that constructs and gives custom homes for seriously harmed veterans.

Where is J.G. Wentworth based?

Organization base camp are in Pennsylvania, yet the loaning division is situated in Virginia.


J.G. Wentworth offers a feasible option in contrast to the greatest moneylenders in case you’re searching for home loans or renegotiating credits. It offers moderate fixed-rate and movable rate credits, just as pretty much every sort of government-safeguarded advance, for example, VA, FHA, and HARP. With a wide scope of advance kinds, rates, and terms, J.G. Wentworth offers clients from varying backgrounds a way to home proprietorship.

Physical Address

J.G. Wentworth Home Lending, LLC

3350 Commission Court

Woodbridge, VA 22192



Own Up Review

In a Nutshell

Possess Up Is a home loan innovation organization with a basic contrast. Most online home loan destinations help clients think about credit offers, however Own Up likewise doles out every client a devoted Home Advisor who remains with them through to advance conclusion. In addition to other things, Own Up encourages you get pre-affirmed and consults with your loan specialist to ensure you get the most ideal arrangement.

  • Home Advisors negotiate with lenders for you
  • Assistance with getting pre-approved
  • Not a direct lender
  • Only available in 6 states


Own Up at a Glance

Loan TypesPurchase, Refinance
Featured LoansFixed, ARM, FHA, VA, cash-out refinance
Repayment Terms10-30 years
Down Payment0%-20%
Credit ScoreN/A
Best ForFirst-time buyers looking for assistance with getting the best deal possible on their mortgage


Claim Up is a creative home loan innovation organization that accomplishes more than the normal home loan correlation administration. Claim Up was made to help home purchasers and even consult for your sake. Like other correlation benefits, Own Up enables its clients to analyze banks and locate the best home credit for your needs and money related profile. It at that point goes above and beyond, allotting a devoted home loan advance originator (MLO) to help with the application procedure. MLOs help home purchasers with getting pre-endorsement (a stage past insignificant pre-capability) and even help arrange straightforwardly with the loan specialist to improve bargain.

Best For?

While Own Up serves a wide range of home purchasers, its administration is customized to first-time purchasers searching for hands-on help. Claim Up sticks with its clients from the earliest starting point of your pursuit through to conclusion, regularly sparing a huge number of dollars on all out premium installment over the life of the advance.

Kinds of Loans

Claim Up helps clients with obtaining or renegotiating. The banks Own Up accomplices with offer standard mortgages, gigantic credits, government-supported advances, for example, FHA and VA advances, portfolio advances, and a wide range of re-financing including money out renegotiating.

Coming up next are attributes of Own Up-handled credits:

  • Clients must have US citizenship or residency or hold a visa
  • Advance terms change from 10-year to 30-year fixed-term advances and 3/1 to 10/1 ARM
  • Least initial installments change from 0% for VA advances to 20% for standard mortgages
  • Least credit differs between taking an interest loan specialists, and goes as low as 500—the most reduced conceivable credit for government-sponsored contracts
  • APRs shift from client to client, and Own Up considers it to be its job to verify its clients the most minimal loan fees conceivable

The Application Process

The application procedure starts with a short online structure that sorts clients by the stage they’ve come to in the home-purchasing process so as to offer them the most-significant kind of help.

To start, clients must choose from the accompanying alternatives:

  • Purchasing or renegotiating
  • Not searching for a home, simply glancing around, or officially acknowledged an offer
  • As of now pre-endorsed or not yet pre-affirmed
  • Keen on getting pre-affirmed or not keen on getting pre-endorsed

We introduced ourselves as a client who was glancing near, hadn’t yet been pre-endorsed, and was hoping to get pre-affirmed.

This is what we were approached to round out:

  • State (just accessible to purchasers in Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island)
  • Kind of property (single living arrangement, apartment suite, multi-family living arrangement, or townhome)
  • Reason (essential home, auxiliary home, or speculation property)
  • Price tag
  • Size of up front installment
  • Insights regarding past home possession
  • Subtleties of current work, including compensation, rewards, and measure of time in job
  • Choice of including a co-borrower
  • Full contact subtleties
  • State whether you’re working with a realtor
  • State when you’d like to buy (0-3 months, 3-6 months, or 6+ months)

Depending how you round out the structure, Own Up can offer 1 of 2 administrations. The principal administration, if the client is hoping to get pre-affirmed, is immediate help from a home loan permit originator. The subsequent administration, if the client isn’t prepared for pre-endorsement, is a welcome to address one of Own Up’s operators and find out additional.

Administration number one, pre-endorsement, starts with a 7-minute telephone call taking a gander at the qualities and shortcomings of your loaning profile, acquiring limits under various situations, and individual home financing plan. This incorporates a delicate credit request. Your MLO will at that point help you with pre-endorsement. As indicated by Own Up, it is the primary home loan organization to enable you to refresh your pre-endorsement letter in a completely mechanized manner. Your devoted MLO remains with you for the remainder of the application, basically consulting on your benefit to cut you the most ideal arrangement.

Rates and Fees – The Bare Basics

Since Own Up arranges rates for its clients’ benefit, there are no fixed APRs whatsoever. Claim Up enables clients to look at the best banks and the best rates, at that point consults with the client’s picked loan specialist to thump the rates down much more. Possess Up doesn’t charge the client any expenses; it wins all its cash from the banks themselves. Obviously, the home purchaser must compensation all the loan specialist’s charges, however again Own Up consults with the moneylender to set aside the home purchaser cash.

Reimbursement Terms

The reimbursement terms offered by Own Up’s different taking an interest loan specialists change. As a rule, terms go from 10 to 30 years for fixed rates, and 3/1 to 10/1 for customizable rates.

Help and Support

Possess Up’s administration is based on directing its clients through the home loan process. At the point when a client rounds out the online structure, they get the opportunity to see full subtleties of the MLO doled out to them, including name, photograph, and MLO permit number. Clients may likewise contact Own Up straightforwardly during business hours on 844-947-2848.


Possess Up positions up there with the most inventive organizations in the online home loan business. As opposed to simply enable purchasers to think about home credits, it goes above and beyond and really manages you through the procedure. Claim Up has its very own home loan advance originators who are authorized to pre-support purchasers in the interest of the banks. By doing some portion of the loan specialist’s work, Own Up recoveries the moneylenders a ton of cash. It passes the greater part of these investment funds on to its clients—the home purchasers.

Own Up FAQ

Q: Who runs Own Up?

An: Own Up was established in Boston in 2016 under the name RateGravity. The 3 fellow benefactors, Patrick Boyaggi, Mike Tassone, and Brent Shields all had involvement in the banking and loaning enterprises and needed to make a totally straightforward home loan facilitating administration. RateGravity re-marked as Own Up in 2019 and right now has 20 workers.

Q: How does Own Up profit?

An: If you take a home loan from one of Own Up’s joining forces moneylenders, the bank pays Own Up 0.30% of the advance sum. Only for correlation, the normal commission for a home loan sales rep is about 1.15% of the credit.

Q: How does Own Up set aside its clients cash?

An: Own Up takes a great deal of the start procedure out of loan specialists’ hands, including pre-endorsement. As an end-result of setting aside the moneylender cash, the loan specialists consent to diminish financing costs on Own Up’s clients.

Q: How much can Own Up spare home purchasers?

An: According to Own Up, its clients spare a normal of $21,000 over the life of their advance. Clearly, reserve funds can fluctuate dependent on the advance sum and credit term.

Physical Address

RateGravity, Inc. dba Own Up

21 Union St.

Boston MA 02108



Magnolia Bank Review

In a Nutshell

Magnolia Bank is an online home loan moneylender that offers advances for home buy and renegotiating. The organization approaches a great many distinctive program alternatives and utilizations a streamlined procedure to convey the best rates to every client.

  • Minimal information required to get rates
  • $1,000 Best Rate Guarantee
  • Not everyone is comfortable with online loan applications
  • Minimum credit score of 620 required


Magnolia Bank at a Glance

Loan TypesPurchase, refinance, cash-out refinance
Featured LoansFHA, HARP, VA, fixed, ARM
Repayment Terms10- to 30-years fixed, 3-7 years adjustable
Down PaymentNo minimum
Credit Score620+, recommended 740
Best ForExperienced homebuyers who want to cut out salespeople



Magnolia Bank prides itself on offering a “business free low-weight condition,” which means you won’t be pushed to close an advance by sales reps you don’t really trust; rather, you’re given credit alternatives and you get the opportunity to choose which one is best for you.

Best For?

  • Experienced purchasers who need to remove the broker (sales reps) and set aside both time and cash and feel great taking care of the home loan process on the web.
  • Borrowers who need forthright, quick, pre-endorsements.
  • Borrowers with great to incredible credit and an obligation to-salary proportion of 43% or less.

Credit Features

Magnolia Bank offers 2 sorts of credits: Home buy and renegotiate. Inside these more extensive advance classifications are various kinds of credits, similar to FHA and VA advances.

Clients need to choose for themselves which advance is best for them; notwithstanding, your decisions will likely be limited by the advances you really meet all requirements for. In the event that you have a poor credit rate, you most likely won’t meet all requirements for a $500,000 10-year fixed advance. In the event that all the distinctive advance sorts are Greek to you, Magnolia Bank flaunts a proficient client bolster group with master advance processors that are accessible to manage you through the procedure and help figure out which advance is best for your conditions.

The Application Process

The application procedure is genuinely clear and straightforward; additionally, the site has a well ordered guide that lets you know precisely what’s in store at all times.

The initial step is to tap on Get Rates, which guides you to a page where you round out insignificant data including the expense of the house and measure of up front installment; at that point the framework computes a credits proposition for you, and you can look over a choice of financing costs.

When you discover an advance and financing cost that suit you, you’ll be coordinated to the credit application. Some portion of the application expects you to present the accompanying documentation:

  • Last 2 compensation stubs
  • W2 or 1099 of past 2 years
  • 2 years of individual and business assessment forms
  • Duplicate of driver’s permit
  • Marked Borrower’s Certification and Authorization
  • For renegotiating: Copy of property holder’s protection approach presentations page and current home loan explanations

It’s a smart thought to assemble this data before you discover an advance and rate that you need, on the grounds that once you discover it, you just have 48 hours to present every one of the reports.

When you present all the fundamental things, you will be doled out a processor, who will be your go-to individual all through the application procedure. Your processor will initially present your application for pre-endorsement through the organization’s robotized financier, a propelled PC framework that examines your pay, credit, resources, and different things so as to survey in the event that you fit the bill for the advance you need. Utilizing the robotized guarantor, pre-endorsement can occur inside minutes rather than days or weeks.

Once your pre-endorsement is issued, your processor will arrange an examination from one of the organization’s favored appraisers. You’ll get the appraiser’s contact data and they will get in touch with you inside 24 hours to set up an arrangement. When the examination has been gotten, your processor will present your credit for definite endorsement, and you’ll get a last guaranteeing choice inside 48-72 hours.

You’ll at that point be messaged the last advance reports, and a public accountant will plan an opportunity to arrive to your home so you can finish every one of the marks.

All through the application procedure, you can be in contact with your processor whenever.

Upsides and downsides

While a few people might be reluctant to utilize an online home loan moneylender, Magnolia Bank is a presumed FDIC bank that goes back to 1919. Magnolia Bank offers various advantages that different moneylenders don’t.

To begin with, getting credit rates is super-simple and requires insignificant data. Additionally, the framework approaches many advance alternatives, and Magnolia Bank is so sure about its rates that it offers a $1,000 Best Rate Guarantee.

When you’ve discovered the best rate and need to check whether you qualify, you’ll have to submit different records, which will at that point be put through the organization’s mechanized financier. The mechanized guarantor does basically everything of a run of the mill credit official, however without space for slip-ups. The product decides in minutes whether you qualify and can issue forthright pre-endorsement.

Magnolia Bank likewise prides itself on not utilizing pushy sales reps, which eases customer weight and removes extra costs like commission.

Rates and Terms – The Bare Basics

There are different rates and terms accessible, however the credit you pick truly relies upon your monetary circumstance. The following are the advance sorts and terms that are accessible; rates differ as indicated by numerous elements, including financial assessment, initial installment, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-year fixed advances
  • HARP 15-and 30-year fixed advances
  • FHA 15-and 30-year fixed advances
  • VA 15-and 30-year fixed advances
  • 3, 5, and 7 ARM (customizable rate contract) credits

Reimbursement Terms

Each advance accompanies its own reimbursement terms, so regardless of whether 2 clients both select a 30-year fixed credit, their reimbursement terms will probably be extraordinary. This is on the grounds that the terms rely upon the accompanying variables:

  • The borrower’s credit
  • The measure of the credit
  • The measure of the up front installment
  • The time—credit rates can truly change from everyday, so even 2 individuals with fundamentally the same as money related foundations can get distinctive reimbursement terms in the event that they apply a half year separated

Help and Support

When you start your underlying application, you’ll be doled out a Loan Coordinator who will deal with your case and who you can contact straightforwardly. When you present all your administrative work, you’ll be alloted a processor, whose immediate contact data will likewise be sent to you. You can contact both your Loan Coordinator and processor by email or telephone whenever all through the credit procedure.


In case you’re needing a home buy advance or renegotiating advance, Magnolia Bank is a decent alternative, giving that you have a base FICO assessment of 620. The principle advantages of picking Magnolia Bank are:

  • A computerized guarantor
  • Access to a large number of advance choices
  • A no-business weight condition
  • Extraordinary rates
  • Quicker endorsement than normal loan specialists

Physical Address

794 Old Elizabethtown Rd

Hodgenville, KY 42748-9406



NASB Review

In a Nutshell

North American Savings Bank offers an exceptional scope of home loan items including fixed-rate and customizable standard mortgages, FHA credits, VA advances, renegotiates, and a one of a kind financing program for the buy of rental land with an IRA. It was established in Kansas City, Missouri in 1927, and keeps on offering advances through 11 branches in Missouri and through its online entryway to borrowers from around the United States.

  • Large selection of mortgage products
  • Caters to people with unique situation
  • Charges payment fees to non-NASB account holders
  • No physical branches outside Missouri


NASB at a Glance

Loan TypesHome purchase, refinance
Featured LoansVA, Jumbo, FHA, IRA lending, USDA
Repayment Terms110 to 30 years
Down Payment0%
Credit Score580
Best ForInvestors, military personnel, first-time homebuyers


NASB was established in Kansas City, Missouri in 1927, and keeps on offering advances through 11 branches in Missouri and through its online gateway to borrowers from around the United States.

Best for?

NASB has some expertise in fitting home loans to the accompanying kinds of borrowers:

  • Dynamic and previous military faculty and their relatives can apply for a VA advance.
  • Any individual who has in any event 30-40% of the price tag vested in a self-coordinated IRA can apply to purchase an investment property with an IRA non-plan of action credit.
  • Individuals with poor credit or other extreme money related conditions can apply through NASB for a FHA advance or for a non-acclimating advance.

Credit Features

North American Savings Bank offers ordinary and non-typical mortgages to suit diverse individual and money related conditions. Clients profit by the accompanying highlights:

  • No start expenses for certain credit types, (for example, VA and FHA advances), despite the fact that there is a 1% beginning charge for different sorts, (for example, IRA non-response advance).
  • No moneylender charges for certain advance kinds.
  • In-house preparing and quick shutting occasions.
  • Committed credit official who can tailor your advance to your circumstance.
  • Online application for occupants of every one of the 50 states, or in-branch application for Missouri inhabitants.

The Application Process

The application procedure shifts between the various sorts of credits. When in doubt, NASB is snappier to endorse borrowers than the normal loan specialist. Pre-qualifying should be possible on the web or via telephone, and typically takes only a couple of minutes. For a standard mortgage, NASB will at that point approach you for the accompanying so as to choose on the off chance that it can offer you an advance:

  • Duplicate of driver’s permit, visa, or state ID card.
  • Pay stubs for latest 30-day payroll interval.
  • Bank explanations for recent months
  • W-2 IRS structures for most recent 2 years.
  • Buy understanding for the home you are purchasing.
  • Duplicate of cleared store check.
  • Contact data of title organization dealing with settlement, if not in contract.
  • Contract data of property holder’s insurance agency.
  • E-signature on credit application reports.

Advantages and disadvantages

North American Savings Bank exceeds expectations at fitting projects to individuals in exceptional budgetary circumstances. It’s one of only a handful couple of loan specialists in the nation to offer a program empowering IRA account holders to utilize their IRA to buy investment properties. With its non-acclimating advances, it’s likewise one of just a bunch of loan specialists to make a special effort to give a space to individuals with poor acknowledge or for an ongoing history of chapter 11 or short deal to discover a path once again into the lodging market.

Maybe the fundamental drawback to NASB is that it doesn’t offer continuous data about rates and APRs except if you round out a short online structure and incorporate your contact subtleties. NASB doesn’t have physical branches outside Missouri, in spite of the fact that this isn’t such a major ordeal given it offers home purchasers from around the nation the opportunity to lead the whole application on the web and by telephone.

Credit Terms – The Bare Basics

North American Savings Bank offers the accompanying kinds of credits:

  • Traditional fixed-rate and customizable rate advances: These are available to qualifying home purchasers who can put in any event a 20% initial installment on their home.
  • Kind sized advances: For advances of around $500,000 or more (contingent upon the borrower’s area), with stricter application prerequisites.
  • VA advances: Open to support individuals, veterans, and enduring mates who wish to purchase, construct, fix, hold, or repair their main living place. The government’s Department of Veteran Affairs assurances up to 25% of the credit, guaranteeing the borrower gets great rates.
  • FHA advances: Designed for individuals who have poor credit or are destitute, this government supported advance enables borrowers to verify a home loan for as low as a 3.5% up front installment.
  • IRA non-plan of action advances: NASB is one of only a handful couple of banks in the nation to offer this sort of advance, which is intended to help any individual who has in any event 30-40% of the price tag vested in a self-guided IRA to purchase an investment property. The IRA account holder isn’t by and by at risk for reimbursement of the advance. In case of default or abandonment, NASB can just utilize the property as a wellspring of reimbursement and can’t seek after different resources claimed by the record holder or IRA.
  • Non-accommodating advances: These are for individuals who have unordinary money related conditions, for example, a financial assessment of 640 or less, ongoing fulfillment of a short deal, late declaring financial insolvency, responsibility for than 5 properties with home loan advances, or significant speculation resources or investment funds with next to zero month to month pay.

Reimbursement Terms

Credit terms and APRs shift for the various sorts of advances on offer. For instance, ordinary fixed-rate credits are offered more than 15-year or 30-year terms. IRA non-response credits are offered for 10-year, 15-year, or 20-year terms. VA advances and FHA advances are accessible for terms of as long as 30 years.

Help and Support

To address an advance official, call 855-465-0753 between business hours, demand a call from an advance official at a time helpful to you, or get in touch with one of NASB’s credit officials legitimately. To enquire about IRA loaning, call 866-735-6272 during business hours or email NASB. The online input for North American Savings Bank’s home loan is overwhelmingly positive, with clients adulating credit officials for tender loving care and their readiness to go the additional mile for them.


North American Savings Bank represents considerable authority in answers for military veterans, land speculators, and home purchasers who can’t discover a loan specialist because of one of a kind money related conditions, first-time purchasers and non-accommodating purchasers.

Physical Address

North American Savings Bank

12498 S. 71 Highway

Grandview, MO 64030


  • Time in business: 12+ months
  • $8K in monthly revenue
  • Minimum credit score: none




Situated in Atlanta, Georgia, AmeriSave has set up itself as one of the chief names in the home loan credits and renegotiating industry. The organization was built up in 2002, and has since extended its support of 49 states and the District of Columbia. Today, the organization offers a brisk and direct path for potential mortgage holders and forthcoming purchasers to reveal the credits they need and access reserves productively. AmeriSave has extended to utilize in excess of 500 home loan pros, and assets billions in home advances each year. Also, the organization offers a wide assortment of home loan choices, including regular, kind sized, FHA, VA and USDA credits.

Best for?

  • Borrowers looking for a full-administration contract moneylender

Probably the greatest advantage AmeriSave offers its clients is its capacity to start and endorse contracts. The organization has a huge group of experts and makes the loaning and application process as clear as workable for imminent borrowers.

  • Borrowers who want a direct application

Clients can apply for its advances by means of a few channels with AmeriSave. The organization offers a fast starting procedure and is known for its adaptability in gathering its clients’ needs to settle advances for both renegotiating and home buys.

Included Loans

AmeriSave offers a broad scope of credit alternatives for clients, including a few sponsored by government programs, including FHA, VA, and USDA advances. Moreover, borrowers can exploit a decent scope of terms close by both fixed and customizable rate choices, which means you can get a credit where your month to month head and installments will continue as before or an advance where the regularly scheduled installments will begin lower, yet may change. Amerisave likewise offers money out renegotiating, kind sized credits surpassing the adjusting furthest reaches of $453,100, and home loan rate and term renegotiate advances.

Features for AmeriSave:

  • Profoundly focused loan fees
  • Both fixed and flexible rate credit alternatives accessible
  • An assortment of advance choices including Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, USDA, and VA
  • A wide scope of adding machines and diagrams help advise getting decisions
  • A broad group of more than 500 home loan masters help the basic leadership process
  • Settle credits from anyplace that is advantageous with simple shutting alternatives
  • Accessible in 49 states and the District of Columbia
  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

The Application Process

Potential borrowers can begin the application by means of AmeriSave’s site or via telephone, or talk online with an authorized Loan Originator . To start the procedure on the web, a client chooses the rate and term choice from an assortment of choices and finishes the advance application. The online application includes a hard credit request for pre endorsement; be that as it may, customers can talk legitimately with an authorized Loan Originator and use a delicate credit request to help decide qualification. Clients would then be able to transfer their records and even e-sign them to speed up the procedure. Likewise, planned home purchasers can apply for a home loan previously or after they have a property as a top priority, with the procedure working comparably.

The organization has a base credit prerequisite for the greater part of its accessible advance items. FHA advances have a base score of 580 while different items require a score of 620. It is critical to remember that a few alternatives may require a higher financial assessment, for example, large credits.

Advance Terms – In-House Underwriting and Education

Clients can profit by a phenomenal scope of advance alternatives and terms that offer adaptability for home loans. AmeriSave works with an assortment of advance sorts, which are all endorsed and begun in-house, so borrowers are continually managing the organization’s care staff. The organization issues both renegotiate and buy advances with an assortment of reimbursement terms accessible. Furthermore, the organization offers a few governmentally supported credit choices including:

  • Government Housing Administration (FHA) credits with drop up front installment prerequisites
  • Veteran’s Administration (VA) credits that don’t require an up front installment and have comparative financing costs as FHA advances
  • USDA advances which give up to 100% financing on country properties, with financing guaranteed by the Department of Agriculture
  • HARP credits which let borrowers renegotiate on the off chance that they owe more on their home loan than the present estimation of their home
  • Enormous credits for clients whose sums required are a lot higher than the advances generally offered by the organization
  • For its increasingly customary home loan credit alternatives, the organization offers focused financing costs and terms.

Above all, AmeriSave attempts to give clients the data they have to settle on the best options. Forthcoming borrowers can picture how much their home loan installments would be, the distinction among obtaining and leasing and what sorts of homes they can bear. Furthermore, they can take a gander at present and past financing costs in graphical structure, which gives a supportive showcase to understanding the manners in which the lodging business sector may change.

AmeriSave additionally includes an assortment of blog entries, articles and aides identified with obtaining, home loans, and individual accounts.

Reimbursement Terms

Potential property holders can locate the correct reimbursement plan for their home loan with AmeriSave. The organization offers both fixed-rate and movable rate alternatives with various reimbursement periods. Home loans for home buys and renegotiating are accessible for:

  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years
  • 25 years
  • 30 years

Customizable rate home loans are reached out in:

  • 5/1
  • 7/1
  • 10/1

Customizable rate credits for the most part highlight lower loan fees than their fixed-rate partners. The organization’s administration upheld advance projects offer fixed-rate contracts for both 15 and 30 years, aside from USDA credits, which are just accessible with multi year reimbursement terms.

Protection and Security

Clients can breathe a sigh of relief realizing that AmeriSave is straightforward about its information social occasion and security rehearses. The organization does not gather data for focused promoting purposes, despite the fact that it accumulates some touchy client data during the application and endorsement process. All data is remained careful in secure information servers that component a few physical and virtual assurance measures. Moreover, information is encoded utilizing industry-standard strategies during both transmission and capacity.

Help and Support

To connect with AmeriSave, clients can either call, or visit online with an authorized Loan Originator. the organization’s call focuses are accessible sans toll Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm ET. The organization can deal with the entire application and endorsement process by telephone, and numerous clients do incline toward this alternative. We found that care staff were very much prepared and ready to respond to our inquiries quickly and viably. Email reactions took somewhere in the range of one and two business days and by and large settled every one of our request. Clients can likewise discover answers straightforwardly on AmeriSave’s site, which highlights an enlightening FAQ area.

Profound Dive into Pros and Cons

There are a few regions where AmeriSave could improve its contributions:

  • The organization does not offer second contract items, for example, home value advances and credit extensions, which can be helpful for property holders confronting money related troubles
  • AmeriSave does not offer advances for mobile homes, which a few contenders offer

AmeriSave has some champion highlights that settle on it a top decision:

  • Instructive assets give clients an astounding method to settle on educated choices
  • The organization endorses and starts its very own advances, which means clients consistently manage AmeriSave legitimately
  • Clients can apply and get endorsement legitimately on the web
  • Potential borrowers can browse a superb assortment of credit alternatives and reimbursement terms

All in all, Should You Borrow with Amerisave?

On account of a completely in-house process and an assortment of credit choices, AmeriSave is a decent decision for clients looking for a home loan. The organization offers both conventional home loans and a few government sponsored advance choices. All the more critically, its assortment of advance reimbursement terms give borrowers adaptability to locate the correct decision for their looming home buy or home renegotiate. A clear application process likewise enables clients to close on their homes all the more rapidly, implying that borrowers need not stress over long and confused collaborations with banks and different loan specialists.

Physical Address

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

3525 Piedmont Rd NE

8 Piedmont Center, Suite 600

Atlanta, GA 30305