LendingTree Review

In a Nutshell

LendingTree offers all that you could need in your home loan search; a scope of credit choices, different advance sorts and great administration


  • Check your FICO rating and how it influences your credit offers
  • One structure and data is sent to numerous banks
  • Get advance ideas inside minutes


  • High number of telephone calls and messages
  • Managing a ton of moneylenders competing for your business
  • Rates just appeared in the wake of entering your Social Security number

LendingTree at a Glance

Loan TypesPurchase, refinance, home equity, reverse
Featured LoansFHA, USDA, VA, jumbo, conventional
Repayment Terms10-,15-, 20-, 30- years fixed-rate, 5/1, 7/1 ARM
Down Payment0%-20% minimums based on loan type
Credit Score500+
Best ForHELOC with low closing costs


LendingTree is an online commercial center associating borrowers to an expansive system of moneylenders, and has helped more than 55 million advance solicitations since it was established in 1998. Its site is anything but difficult to explore, and its FICO assessment capacity is first rate. When you meet all requirements for a credit, you can see the offer promptly and see extra subtleties to enable you to settle on a choice. You should enter a Social Security number to view credit offers, and the normal rates are not accessible on the site, which may not be perfect for each potential borrower.

Who Is LendingTree Best for?

LendingTree offers extraordinary arrangements by giving purchasers a few ideas from different loan specialists in merely minutes and is perfect for:

  • Occupied borrowers who need to see a few advance choices initially
  • Borrowers with poor credit or unusual pay searching for adaptable loan specialists
  • HELOC, where you are paid out as required from your home value

Since there are several moneylenders going after your business, LendingTree can give an exclusively custom-made choice of offers to look over dependent on your particular criteria. Moreover, LendingTree gives you a chance to think about various credit terms next to each other so as to locate the best month to month rate.

LendingTree Highlights:

  • No client expense
  • Free credit scoring
  • One structure sent to numerous moneylenders
  • System of more than 350 moneylenders
  • Simple to-utilize site
  • Conceivable credit offer inside minutes
  • Simple to discover offer subtleties

The Application Process

The whole application procedure should take roughly 10 minutes. Go to LendingTree’s landing page, select the kind of credit you need, and complete an online solicitation. On the off chance that you need assistance, search for the calculators, a home valuation instrument, and tips to help you en route. You can likewise contact LendingTree Customer Care by telephone with inquiries.

Realizing your FICO rating is the initial phase in verifying an advance. LendingTree enables you to check your FICO rating for nothing and discloses to you how it will influence your capacity to verify a credit. As an advance representative, LendingTree is a practical alternative for borrowers with an immense range of financial assessments. Since the organization is banded together with a wide range of loan specialists, you may have a superior shot of discovering one that works with people that have terrible, or even restricted, credit.

Kinds of Loans

  • Fixed-rate contracts
  • Flexible rate contracts
  • Graduated house buybacks
  • Home value advances and HELOC
  • Gigantic advances
  • FHA advances
  • VA advances
  • HARP advances

Close to presenting an application, you’ll get advance ideas from a few unique banks. In case you’re not actually sure where your credit stands or what sort of offers to expect, this will enable you to swim through loads of choices and get a thought of what advance terms you could be accepting. When you see how LendingTree functions, you can assess the statements you’ll get  in the My LendingTree gateway to locate the best idea for you.


A few clients whine about the enormous number of telephone calls and messages they’ve gotten from banks very quickly in the wake of rounding out the structure. Since LendingTree passes your data to banks, there’s no genuine method to restrict this contact. You are consenting to it when you choose to apply for a home loan advance.

In the event that you would prefer not to manage numerous moneylenders competing for your business, a merchant like LendingTree probably won’t be an extraordinary decision for you. In spite of the fact that LendingTree enables you to think about various ideas one after another, this might overpower for a few.

Rates and Terms — The Bare Basics

Many loan specialists vieing for your business enables you to pick your terms, in light of explicit criteria. You choose the sum you need to put down, an APR, and reimbursement term, and LendingTree sends you offers.

Terms are not set by LendingTree, however by individual loan specialists dependent on your criteria.

Reimbursement Terms

Since LendingTree’s system comprises of in excess of 350 accomplices, there are an abundance of fixed and customizable terms accessible. The most widely recognized offers you can hope to discover are for:

  • 15-year fixed
  • 30-year fixed
  • 5/1 ARM
  • 30-year 5/1 ARM

The best part is that you can undoubtedly contrast the various terms with perceive how they would affect your month to month rate, lifetime venture, and different elements.

Help and Support

LendingTree offers number crunchers and tips to help you through the application procedure. You can likewise contact LendingTree Customer Care at 1-888-555-8733 with inquiries.

LendingTree FAQ

Q: Where would i be able to discover my advance offers?

An: As a feature of your statement recovery, you’ll be pursued LendingTree’s My LendingTree entrance. In the online gateway, you’ll discover singular banks advance ideas there, regularly in just minutes. As the statements are added to your record, you’ll get a warning.

Q: What are LendingTree’s end costs?

A: LendingTree does not charge you any expenses. Each moneylender sets its own charge structure in regards to shutting costs and the last expenses are resolved among you and your finished loan specialists.

Q: Can I email, mail or fax in my LendingTree application?

A: With a solid pledge to speed and precision, LendingTree does not acknowledge any applications outside of it’s online structure or telephone line. This diminishes the probability of mistakes and pointless expenses and postponements.

Q: What in the event that I have awful credit?

A: Bad credit isn’t an impediment to owning a home with LendingTree. Since it has a scope of moneylenders, borrowers with poor acknowledge will be coordinated for advance suppliers who are glad to think about your application.


On the off chance that you need to become familiar with your financial assessment and begin perusing loan specialists in an instinctive, easy to understand design, LendingTree is a good decision. While the quantity of accessible advance offers is shockingly constrained for a loan specialist system of this size, they accompany extremely focused APR and financing costs

Physical Address

LendingTree, LLC

11115 Rushmore Drive

Charlotte, NC 28277